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Aesthetic Spring Book List Swap (with Kaley Kriesel)

Updated: May 26

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Do you love spring? Me too. In celebration of the beautiful season, I’ve compiled an aesthetic book swap with a friend of mine: the amazing Kaley Kriesel! I look up to this girl so much both as a writer and a blogger, and I’m so excited to have her on the blog! Each of the stories we chose is reminiscent of the hope, wonder, and youthfulness of springtime. You can find my book list here. Be sure to check out Kaley’s beautiful website, and read on for the rest of her post!

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James Herriot's Treasury for Children

by James Herriot

I grew up on this book, so in my brain, it’s cozy and comfortable. The illustrations are just stunning, and who doesn’t love an old-fashioned British countryside animal book? It’s so cottage core and I simply love it, even though there are stories from winter and the other seasons too.

wolf hollow book cover

Wolf Hollow

by Lauren Wolk

This book is so incredibly tragic and sad but so beautiful… it’s thoughtful and deep and really makes you think about what people are worth in contrast to their actions. Even though it’s sad, it manages to be wholesome and sweet too, and I absolutely love it.

dust Peter Pan cover


by Kara Swanson

True, this isn’t directly set in spring (or at least, we aren’t told that it is), but spring for me is a nostalgic brightness, a hopefulness, and a youthfulness. This book is a continuation, a retelling, of an old classic for children, something that makes me love it, especially in spring.

the secret garden book cover

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

I know we both have this one on our lists, but it’s such a spring classic! This book is so full of incredible setting and I love the characters. It starts off quite sad, but the ending is so beautiful. I can’t think of a better spring read!

pink persuasion book cover


by Jane Austen

This book might be a little hard to get into, but it’s so good once you do! I think I relate more to the main character of this Jane Austen than I do to Emma or Elizabeth. She’s been thrown off to the side but she’s her own person and we see her grow, something I love so much about this one. It really is one of my favorite classics.

Springand fall tie for my favorite season and spring for me is all about hope, growth, and beginnings. I hope these books make you feel renewed and refreshed and that you enjoy each one!

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Kaley D. Kriesel is a teenage Jesus lover. Music, books, grammar, bright colors, and coffee are just a few things that usually make her smile. Since surviving an EF-5 tornado in 2013, she’s been passionate about telling stories that spread hope and light and she published her testimony in Clubhouse magazine when she was 11. Kaley reads and writes fiction in many genres and loves unique twists on favorite ideas and breathing new life into beautiful old concepts. She is a proud member of the Young Writer’s Workshop and hopes to self-publish her first novel before she turns 18. A people-loving extrovert, Kaley also enjoys reading the Bible, helping with her church, seeking to understand people, and speaking about her experience of Christ to whoever will listen. You can find her on her blog, Words, at

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Do you love springtime? What are some of your favorite books this season? Have you read any of the stories on Kaley’s list? What is your favorite fairytale? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Now go change the world,


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